For Professionals – Businesses – Producers

Are you a professional, importing Greek products, providing services related to products produced in Greece or have a Greek restaurant somewhere in the Netherlands?  Do you live in Greece, are you a producer, export or tourism company, are you promoting in some way products, services or goods outside of Greece and are interested in the Dutch market?

Then you should not miss out!

Are you an accountant, a lawyer, a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a pedagogue, or do you provide some other kind of service, and are interested in acquiring new local clients, as well as reaching out to the Dutch population in the Netherlands (> 30,000 people)?

You will be in the right place at the right time if you participate in the 2nd Greek-Dutch Exhibition Festival.

The Greek-Dutch Expt Fest is the place to promote and sell your products to the Dutch public, to network with professionals, producers and institutional bodies from Greece and the Netherlands, to exchange ideas, to propose and to accept new collaborations and ideas!

Last but not least, it is a good opportunity to promote your corporate social responsibility, since the organizing company, the Social Enterprise "Greece Everywhere" is non-profit, and its aim is to create new jobs in Greece, especially now that the country has been suffering from the social and economic crisis for almost 10 years.

For institutional / non-profit bodies, foundations, clubsGreek Poster web

Are you a collective team that produces cultural or other work?

Do you support a nonprofit or charity and want to showcase your work? Are you a professional association, a chamber or even a state body? Do you showcase in any way the cultural, civil, commercial, Greek-Dutch relations?

Demonstrate your institutional and social work, your civil, social and professional activities.For charities, special discounts are available for renting a vacant exhibition space (Ground Trail).

For guests

What can we say about you, the visitors!

New, original and classic food and drink flavors, entertainment, music and arts, social networking, original tourist proposals, art exhibitions and ... much more await you. But it is not just entertainment: We are deeply interested in the permanent intercultural dialogue between the Dutch and the Greek, and we want to highlight the multiple relationships that exist between the citizens of the two countries.

Do not miss this wonderful and creative weekend of fun, entertainment, informing, play, chat, for ages 18 to 65+

 Artistic workshops, lectures and discussions, play and entertainment, food and drink, respite and enjoyment, and many more are waiting for you to experience them during the 3-day events. Yes! Of course, we'll make sure everyone has fun: young, children, mom and dad, those who come alone or with friends, young and old..

Nobody should be disappointed about this great Greek-Dutch celebration, we will all have a wonderful time!