GNEF"Greece Everywhere" is a Social Enterprise, which has the vision to convey to the world the message that Greece means Culture. Through our actions in various countries of the world, we aspire to promote Greece and everything of quality it produces (products, services, goods, culture) by means of intercultural and commercial dialogue


Our main purpose is to broaden the trade and cultural relations between the Netherlands and Greece. The Greek Dutch Festival - Expo is 3 days of events and actions that will take place annually in the Netherlands, aiming to promote Greek-Dutch relations through the creation of a permanent trade and intercultural dialogue between Greece and the Netherlands.

At the same time, we are working to translate this action into a permanent channel of communication and networking between the Dutch and the Greeks, based on the annual meeting point for the exchange of personal and professional views, ideas and proposals, targeting either Greece or the Netherlands.

The goals of this Expo-Fest are:

  • Opening channels and opportunities for communication and extroversion for Medium, Small & Very Small Greek and Dutch Businesses (products, services, goods/Sale, Promotion)
  • Special networking meetings for professionals
  • Emphasis on the cultural and folk wealth of the two countries
  • Promote new and alternative tourist destinations.
  • Enlargement of cultural diplomacy and intercultural dialogue by society itself, and its productive pillarsGreece Everywhere Web
  • Targeted promotional and informative actions for selected products, services, and goods from Greece.
  • Providing exposure of local Hellenism and improving its integration into the local community
  • Medium - long-term development of Greece's dynamics in specific "target countries".
  • Creating opportunities for new institutional connections and partnerships (federations, regions, municipalities, chambers, festivals, etc.)
  • Highlight and promote local and/or national solidarity bodies (foundations, orphanages, etc.)
  • Informing the public about Social Entrepreneurship, and how it can be a pillar of growth and job creation