What can we say about you, the visitors!Greek Poster web

  New, original and classic food and drink flavors, entertainment, music and arts, social networking, original tourist proposals, art exhibitions and ... much more await you. But it is not just entertainment: We are deeply interested in the permanent intercultural dialogue between the Dutch and the Greek, and we want to highlight the multiple relationships that exist between the citizens of the two countries.

Do not miss this wonderful and creative weekend of fun, entertainment, informing, play, chat, for ages 18 to 65+

Artistic workshops, lectures and discussions, play and entertainment, food and drink, respite and enjoyment, and many more are waiting for you to experience them during the 3-day events. Yes! Of course, we'll make sure everyone has fun: young, children, mom and dad, those who come alone or with friends, young and old..

Nobody should be disappointed about this great Greek-Dutch celebration, we will all have a wonderful time!